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Vin Santo del C.C.

vin santo

Vin Santo is a wine made from raisins and follows a complex elaboration fruit of the experience of many centuries of Tuscan farmers. The grapes used for this particular wine are all white (malvasia, trebbiano), but after the harvest they all follow a particular procedure.

Immediately after harvest the single bunches of grapes are hung up in aerated rooms where by January they will slowly become raisins. This procedure allows to lose most of the water that had been filling the grapes and will increase the percentage of fruit-sugar which during fermentation will turn into alcohol. After more than three months, usually January, following a careful selection, the raisins are pressed.

The little amount of juice obtained will then be put in small barrels made out of chery-wood. These barrels are called caratelli. They will be filled only up to 75%, and then sealed with cement. Therefore this will cause a slow fermentation in high pressure.

This special procedure makes the process of fermentation particularly slow and special. The final result, after three years , is a sweet wine with a high alcohol content of approximately 16 degrees.

It is usually served at the end of the meal as an accompanying wine for desserts

Origin of the name Vin Santo

During the winter of the year 1439 an important Council was held in Florence in order to attempt the unification of the catholic and the orthodox church. During that council a few banquets were being hold.

On the final day of the Council, during the banquet an exquisite wine of local production was served. A wine that in those days was called 'vin pretto-ready wine'.

But when the great and magnificent Bessarone, the luminary of the ancient greek fathers, took it to his lips he exclaimed: 'this is wine of Xantos' making reference to the wine of the greek island of Xantos.

And since then the name of ‘vin santo- holy wine’ remained and will remain for who knows how long more.

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