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As you know our Chianti Classico Gran Selezione is a wine in the “experimental” phase (read here if you want to learn more), therefore, it is produced in very small quantities, only 600 bottles per year for the moment.

We have decided to establish a Montefioralle Wine Club to ensure our clients have the best opportunity to acquire our Gran Selezione, and all of our other Chianti Classico and IGT wines. This will be the only way to ensure you’ll be able to purchase our Gran Selezione

As with other wine clubs, it is based on the advance purchase of a certain number of bottles of wine that will then be shipped during the year. It is all very easy. 

Annual Membership

Every year we will present you with a list of wine packages available in the Montefioralle Wine Club. Everyone will have the opportunity to register and purchase one of the suggested tiers, and payment for the year is made when you register for membership. Each calendar year, you will have the opportunity to choose to renew your membership with payment for the coming year’s wine.

Membership renewal and the payment for each year are not automatic, but members will get the opportunity to renew a week before the Montefioralle Wine Club is offered to non-members.

Limited Memberships

Due to our limited production of Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, we can only accept a certain number of members per year. We will keep you posted automatically here regarding the number of memberships still available.

Three tiers

It is only possible to register for one of the three tiers. Each tier is different in terms of the number of bottles shipped during the year and the discount on the total sum.

Two shipments per year

The wines will be shipped two times during the year: in spring we will send you our Gran Selezione and IGT Monteficalle while in the autumn we will ship our Chianti Classico and Riserva to you.

The possibility to purchase additional bottles of Gran Selezione

The members of the Wine Club will already from the start have the possibility to purchase additional bottles of Gran Selezione, other than those included in the membership package, directly from our Shop Online, depending, of course, upon availability.

Early access to the older vintages in the Family Library 

The Wine Club members will furthermore be able to buy older vintages from the Family Library when the private collection is restocked in November every year. They will then have access to the rarest bottles that otherwise would sell out in no time.

Discounts on other products

As our extra virgin olive oil and Vin Santo are very particular, we have decided to keep these separate from the wine bottles that are included in our Wine Club offer. In the course of the year, we will, however, offer members of the Montefioralle Wine Club exclusive discounts on our Vin Santo and EVOO.

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