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Montefioralle Chianti Winery

Azienda Agricola Montefioralle is a small family-run Chianti Classico winery. Our main production is wine in limited quantities, though. Every year approximately 10,000 bottles leave our cellar.

With only 2 hectares (5 acres) of vineyard, we are one of the smallest-sized wineries among the consortium of Chianti Classico producers.
The small quantity production enables the Sieni family to take care of every little detail in order to produce high quality Chianti Classico wine.

Our company operates with attention to the sustainability of production processes, giving up the use of chemical herbicides and performing pesticide treatments on the vines without utilizing synthetic products.

The vineyards, the winery, the cellar, and the shop are all located in the small medieval hamlet of Montefioralle, close to the town of Greve in Chianti.

The History

"Since I have tarried here, I have tasted many wines and have not found aught to please me more than this which I send to you, seeming to me to be beyond compare...; and if you should take wine, bring forth this one, which is surely the best of all that there is". Thus it was that Amedeo Gherardini wrote to his friend, Francesco di Marco Datini, the famous merchant of Prato, known through the whole of Europe, from the Castle of Monteficalle (Montefioralle) on the 27th November 1401.

Today, the Sangiovese grapes that have characterised the region's wine since the 14th Century are still chosen from the same Monteficalle estates that produced the wine so cherished by Master Amedeo.

Our winery was established in 1964 by Renato Sieni, who, upon retirement, took over the management of the vineyards that had been run by the priest of Montefioralle for centuries.

With the help of his son Fernando, Renato planted new grapevines and started the production of a Chianti Classico wine called Santo Stefano a Montefioralle. This is how the production of Chianti Classico, granted by the local parish, started in Montefioralle.

When in the 90s the church administration finally decided to give up the vineyard, the Sieni family immediately bought it.

Now Fernando’s oldest daughter, Alessia, is the official owner of the estate and the winery. Together with her brother Lorenzo and, of course, Fernando, they manage the production and commercialization of Chianti Classico wine and olive oil.


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