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Let's celebrate 50 Harvests

1 June 2018

#50Harvests #50Vendemmie

It was on a cold and windy night in 1468…
No, just joking it was not a dramatic day in the Medici period but indeed it was 500 years later in the 1960s that the Sieni family’s Montefioralle venture began.
This short dive into the Montefioralle history will have its logic because we will launch some fantastic news about our 50th anniversary today that we want to share with all of you.
A celebration we hope you all will want to be a part of with us!

So, come to celebrate with us...

50 harvests at Montefioralle
This year it will be 50 years since our first harvest at the Montefioralle winery.
We want to celebrate this in grand style with all of you!
During the coming months, we will organize various happenings and events to celebrate this historic moment on- and offline. We will also share our memories of past years and past harvests at Montefioralle with you, week by week.
It will all lead up to the grand finale which will be this year’s harvest in September where we will be live streaming directly from the vineyard. We want to give you a possibility to take part in our harvest work LIVE from wherever you are.
We hope you will pop in and comment and give your thoughts to the harvest this year.
Follow us on social media and here in our newsletter up to the harvest time and beyond.

We will celebrate with:

  • Wine Tastings Live and Offline
  • Short memories by Fernando and his family and friends
  • Live Videos
  • Videos with Fernando and his family and friends
  • Guest in July at the Twitter chat #Winestudio with Tina Morey & Katarina Andersson
  • Social media contest for all our fans

 …and much more…

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