The Vin Santo 2015 has been released

The long-awaited Vin Santo 2015 is finally here…

We have just finished the filtering and bottling in January and we are now ready to release the Vin Santo 2015. This is the last of our wines from the very warm 2015 vintage to be bottled (the Gran Selezione 2015 has already been bottled and it will be released in 2020).

Are you ready?

For those of you who followed our #50Harvests celebrations last year, you know that the production of Vin Santo is a slow and very detail-oriented process. The grapes are picked and selected by hand, then they are dried in our small drying room, and finally the juice matures in caratelli for three years.

All this thorough work brings us to the high-quality end result: Vin Santo

Vin Santo 2015 from Montefioralle is now ready for you to enjoy with dessert at your dinner tables.


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